I put up some originals on etsy! I do this from time to time and I should do it more, because I have a lot of pages of comics that aren’t getting any younger. Not really sure what price to sell them at but I think these are pretty reasonable.

Also a new densely-packed little sketchbook thing on gumroad.

I just read my signed copy of Rice Boy for like the millionth time just this morning. :>



Thoughts for tonight: How much responsibility do members of a fandom have for the actions of other fans, or the public perception of the fandom as a whole?

How big a fandom are we talking? Like, globally?  You can only do what you can do.  I can denounce injustice within my fandom and refuse to associate with certain people and outlets, I can be a good example and show people that not all “X” do “Y,” and I can spend hours and hours of my own breath defending the fandom and changing minds.  For years on end.

And all it takes is one fucker in Tampa to undo ALL OF IT within the space of one televised shenanigan. 



Why You Need To Pay Attention To Gary Johnson’s Lawsuit To Fix Presidenial Elections In America

Gary Johnson has released an ad for his “Our America Initiative,” which is asking for crowd-sourced donations to his lawsuit to sue the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a private organization created by both the Democratic and Republican Parties which controls access to the Presidential debates.

The Issue

The Democratic and Republican parties have secured a monopoly on access to Presidential Debates by working with institutionalized media to create a system that blocks candidates from other parties from entering the debates.  Eric W. Dolan summed up the details during the 2012 debates:

The debate rules specify that to be included, candidates must receive at least 15 percent in a major poll. Most major polls do not even list [third party candidates] as an option. Televised presidential debates date back to 1960, and have been a regular event since the 1976 election. Originally administered by the League of Women Voters, they’ve been jointly organized by the Democratic and Republican parties through the Commission on Presidential Debates—a group the two parties jointly formed—since 1987.

In other words, the CPD has created a shell game.  In order to have access to the Presidential Debates, you need at least 15% approval rating in a major national poll.  But most major national polls do not list third party candidates as an option, making it de facto impossible for most third party candidates to enter the debates.

What The Lawsuit Would Achieve

Gary Johnson’s lawsuit would ask the court to order the CPD to allow any candidate access to the Presidential Debates who is listed in enough states to garner at least 50% of the electoral college votes.  This requirement would give third party candidates access to the debates, while ensuring that only serious candidates were allowed in.

Why It Matters

Access to the debates is not simply a token gift to third parties to make them feel better.  As recent lawsuits over campaign finance laws indicate (i.e. Citizens United McCutcheon), access to mass media is a very big deal.  When third parties are denied access to the debates, large swathes of voters are not given an opportunity to compare the ideas of the candidates in real time.  

The forum of the Presidential Debate itself also grants an air of legitimacy to the candidates.  Candidates who are denied access to the debates are both literally and figuratively shoved into the unwilling role of “outsiders,” which makes many voters afraid to commit to them for fear of wasting their vote.  The CPD and institutionalized media have thus created a system that effectively prevents third party candidates from achieving legitimacy in America’s 2-party system.

If Gary Johnson’s lawsuit is successful, third party candidates would have real access to the Presidential Debates, and would have an opportunity to bring their message to the largest national media platform during election season.  Third party candidates would finally have an opportunity to bring their message to a national media platform which has historically been denied to them, and in the process, be given an opportunity to change voter’s minds at the time when it matters most.

You know, I’ve always wondered why there are only two candidates involved in the debates regardless of how many candidates are actually running. 

It’s rigged. Go fig. :\






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Remastered the Commission layout to a more suitable, simpler look.

In a matter of two weeks I will be facing a severe cut in my hours, meaning I will be getting less than 10 hours a week, or no hours at all. I already have a debt of $200 from my credit card due to tuition payments, and my insurance and car loan are all above $100 a month.

While I am hunting down for a job that can grant better financial stability, I am eager to gain some commission work on the side.

I am also accepting donations through PayPal as well. (which is connected to my Gmail account in the info block.) Any amount is fine, and I will be sure to return the favor in the form of a small sketch of some kind.  

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Re-blogging one more time. This is a bit of a serious issue since if I can’t keep up with payments, I may end up losing my car and therefore will lose my transport for school and job opportunities. Where I live public transportation is badly orchestrated and I don’t have anyone to help me commute either. Again, thank you all for helping get the word out!