• I reserve the right to turn down commission opportunities for any given reason. (This is extremely rare, and I’ll usually give you the reason why.)
  • If there is a specific deadline for the commissioned piece it should be brought to my attention first thing.
  • It is the commissioner’s responsibility to notify me if there are any issues in the payment process.

Remastered the Commission layout to a more suitable, simpler look.

In a matter of two weeks I will be facing a severe cut in my hours, meaning I will be getting less than 10 hours a week, or no hours at all. I already have a debt of $200 from my credit card due to tuition payments, and my insurance and car loan are all above $100 a month.

While I am hunting down for a job that can grant better financial stability, I am eager to gain some commission work on the side.

I am also accepting donations through PayPal as well. (which is connected to my Gmail account in the info block.) Any amount is fine, and I will be sure to return the favor in the form of a small sketch of some kind.  

As always, thank you everyone for being very supportive and passing the message along.  I appreciate it!

The Adventures of Target Lady and the Right Eggs

"I’ve done it," she thought to herself, "it took uprooting and rearranging and, yes, sometimes breaking nearly every egg carton in the grocery section, but I’ve finally done it.  I found… the right eggs.”

As she took her eleven-and-a-half items to the Ten Items and Under register and got in line, she looked down at her hard-won eggs. 

She frowned.  Somehow, she still wasn’t satisfied.  She briefly considered going back and ruining more eggs so other shoppers couldn’t buy them. “It won’t be a big deal,” she considered, “nobody else needs to buy fucking eggs ever again or anything”



Shot one of three for my animation I final.

awesommmmmmmme <3



Sometimes negative people are unavoidable. But if I have a choice, I try to distance myself from people that give off bad vibes. I think life is too stressful as it is. This was inspired by some people at work :) Most of the time I can drown them out with my headphones… I try not to listen to them talking because only about 1% of the time it’s something positive. After a while, it wears down on you. I actually like my job, it’s just the people that make it suck.



So if you see a silver Lexus with texas plates SND-984 - let police know as soon as possible. This was the car I was driving that got stolen this morning.

Maybe if we’re lucky he abandoned it somewhere. If there is anybody in or around the car, obviously do not go near it, call the police.

IT looks very similar to this:

A distinguishing feature is the hood is slightly darker than the rest of the car because it was replaced after an accident earlier this year.


Help this cool dude get his stolen car back maybe :<